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Interlibrary Loan

Use Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) to borrow or purchase items not found in Vassar's collection.

Can my Research Assistant Order ILL for me?

All faculty members are responsible for loans borrowed on their faculty research assistant cards.

ConnectNY: Have your student order and charge out items on your faculty research assistant card.

ILLiad: The faculty member can create a joint account as follows:

  1. Click First Time Users from the front page of ILLiad to open a new account. 
  2. Choose "faculty assistant" in the First Name box.
  3. In the Last Name box enter your last name/the student assistant's last name, ie: Fergusson/Johnson.
  4. Use your faculty 999 number as the Vassar ID number (this number will not become available to the research assistant).
  5. Decide whether you or student will be the email contact, and fill in the rest of the form appropriately.
  6. Share the username and password with your student.

Please validate your faculty research assistant card at the Circulation Desk prior to making requests through ConnectNY or ILLiad, as orders cannot be processed until the card has been validated.