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Air Quality: Sonification

Climate change: Sonification

Polli, Andrea : Heat and the Heartbeat of the City

Sawe, Nik  Lauren Oakes : Forest music clip

Article with sound clips.

Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Movies: Sonification

Sports: Rowing sonification

Water and Weather: Sonification

Hubbard Brook: WaterViz

See the AUDIO KEY 

STORM GALLERY  See combined visualization and sonification for specific interesting weather events.

READINGS: Sonification (under construction)


 Last, Mark and Anna Usyskin (Gorelik): Multimedia data mining and analytics: Disruptive innovation  Chapter 19  Listen to the Sound of Data  (pp.419-446)

Possible Sonification Software (under construction)


Georgia Tech Sonification SandBox
For assistance with implementation see: