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No fines for most overdue Main Library items. Exceptions include, but are not limited to recalls, dvd/vhs, keys, computer equipment,  Kindles and audio recordings. For Music Library item exceptions see Music Library Fines and Fees.

  • Recalled items are $1.00 per day per item if not returned by the specified date.
  • Videos must be checked out and returned before closing or midnight at a Circulation Desk (whichever is earlier) on the date the item is due. Videos accrue a late fee of $1.00 per day.  If a video is on reserve for a class, the late fee is $1.00 per hour.
  • Keys: $1.00 per hour.
  • Computer equipment: see the Fines page. 
  • Kindles: $1.00 per day..

Replacement Costs: after 3 overdue notices, you will be billed for the replacement cost of the item and a $10 processing fee per item.  Payment of exact change or check may be made at the Main and Music Libraries Circulation Desks when a Library Staff member is on duty. All other payments can be made in the student accounts office.  Every month, unpaid overdue fines and replacement bills will be transferred to Student Accounts for processing and those patrons accounts will be blocked from borrowing; once all fines and/ or bills are paid in full, the patron's account will be unblocked. 

Refunds:  Refunds or credits will be given for the replacement cost of materials if the item is returned within 6 months of the due date.  The $10 processing charge is non-refundable.

Summer Students and Authorized Summer Program Participants:  Borrowing privileges will be blocked if a patron owes any fees or has overdue items.  After 3 overdue notices, you will be billed for replacement costs. 

Faculty, Administrators, Language Interns, Faculty/Student Assistants, and Staff


No fines for overdue main library items except recall and dvd/vhs. 

  • Fines for recalled items are $1.00 per day per item if not returned by the specified date
  • Videos must be checked out and returned at a Circulation Desk before closing or midnight (whichever is earlier) on the date due.  Videos accrue a late fee of $5.00 per day.  If a video is on reserve for a class, the late fee is $1.00 per hour


After 4 overdue notices, patrons will be sent a bill and borrowing privileges will be blocked. The bill and the block on the patrons record are automatically removed by the system when item is returned.

Guest Borrowers

Special and Alumnae Borrowers and Faculty/Staff Children:

Fines: 20 cents per day per item (an additional $1.00 per day per item for recalled material)

Fees: Borrowing privileges will be blocked after a 3-day grace period if item is not returned.   After 3 overdue notices, you will be billed for replacement costs.

Additional Policies


Lost Library Materials: If library material is lost, the patron under whose name it is checked out is responsible for paying for the item.

Damaged Materials: All library materials are assumed to be in good condition when borrowed unless poor condition is reported at that time.  Borrowers will be held responsible for any damage to library materials while in their possession, and may be subject to charges for replacement.

Interlibrary Loan policies

Main Library Reserve policies 

Music Library:

Circulation Services and Policies

Reserve Services and Policies