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You must have a barcoded Vassar ID card to check out library materials.  All cards must be authorized at the Main or Music Library Circulation Desks to receive borrowing privileges. If you lose your ID card, please bring your new card to either Circulation Desk so your record can be updated. 

NOTE: New employees must check in at either Circulation Desk to give their contact information in order to check out material for the first time. 

Limits on the number of items that can be borrowed and loan periods vary by type of material and type of borrower.

Members of the Vassar community:  Faculty, students, administrators, staff,  employee family members, faculty research assistants, language fellows, alumni, research associates, and visiting scholars are issued cards by the Card Office.  Please note that people who are issued ID cards but don't fall into one of the above categories will be considered for borrowing privileges on a case by case basis. 

Faculty/student assistant cards: Faculty members who want their student assistants to be able to check out library materials and make copies for them can fill out the form on the Card Office website. The card is in both the faculty member's name and the student's name, but the faculty member is responsible for all material checked out on the card. See Faculty/Student Assistant Library Cards for more information. Lost or stolen faculty/student assistant cards should be reported to the Card Office.

Guest borrower cards are issued to qualified applicants at the Main Library Circulation Desk.

Summer programs participants: program directors decide which participants receive borrowing privileges and those participants receive barcoded ID cards from the Card Office.  


Access to the Libraries

During college breaks and summer, Vassar Libraries are open to the public. Check the College Calendar for dates.

When classes are in session during the regular semester, the Vassar Libraries are closed to the public with the exception of the following visitors:

  • Students from local colleges with a Southeastern New York Library Resources Council (SENYLRC) referral card from their reference librarians: 1 day or 1-2 week periods for special research projects. In-house use only.
  • Members of CNY libraries, who have on-site check-out privileges for any materials borrowable through CNY.
  • Students who present letters of introduction from their home libraries specifying resources that are unique to the Vassar collection
  • External scholars: call 845-437-5760 to make arrangements with the Main Library, and 845-437-7492 to make arrangements with the music library
  • Members of the public needing to use government documents (see a Reference Librarian for assistance, get temporary access card) For information about the documents collection, see Documents Collections.
  • Family and guests of members of the Vassar community (accompanied by that person)
  • Special events, programs, and functions
  • Guest borrowers

Staff of the Libraries may ask users to present a valid Vassar ID.

For more information, call the Main Library Circulation Desk, 845 437-5760. For information about access to other Vassar libraries, see Art LibraryMusic Library, or Archives and Special Collections. For information about accessibility, see Accessibility Services.