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Vassar College History

Books and Articles

Science at Vassar, 1962. (See also the 1966 and 1968 updates.)

"Vassar 150: Science", Vassar Quarterly, Fall 2010.

VC Sesquicentennial Department & Program Histories

VC Subject Files and/or VC Archives Files
Look for files on particular departments or programs. The Archives Files date from approximately 1860-1914. The Subject Files include later material.

Other possibilities might include the Natural History Museum records or these small (or unprocessed) collections of department records:
Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology & Geography, Mathematics, STS and Physics.

People (a sampling)

 Faculty (women) 

Faculty (men)



Winifred "Tim" Asprey Charles Farrar Ruth Benedict John Calstrom
Ruth Conklin Joseph Folsom Marcella O'Grady Boveri Richard Huganir
Debra Elmegreen James Orton Claudia Thomas Carty, M.D. Matthew Koss
Caroline Furness Sanborn Tenney Edith Clarke  
M.R.C Greenwood   Christine Ladd Franklin  
Grace Murray Hopper   Lois Mitchell Haibt  
Maude Makemson   Patricia Goldman-Rakic  
Maria Mitchell      
Eliza Mosher, M.D.   Beatrix McCleary Hamburg, M.D.  
Ellen Swallow Richards   Bernadine Healy, M.D.  
Edith Roberts   Edith Banfield Jackson, M.D.  
Margaret Floy Washburn   Mary C. Jones, M.D.  
Wheeler, Ruth   Helen Dean King  
Mary Watson Whitney   Marian Koshland  
Margaret Wright   Antonia Maury  
    Helen C. Putnam, M.D.  
    Vera Cooper Rubin  
    Ellen Churchill Semple  
    Ellen Kovner Silbergeld  
    Julia Stimson  
    San Lau Wu  

Ellen Swallow Richards

Wonder Women of History: Ellen Swallow Richards, 1951
courtesy the Library of Congress American Memory Project