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Vassar College History


First mention of students of color: Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, 1865 September 18

First African American student: Anita Hemmings, VC 1897 (admitted as white)

First African American students: Beatrix McCleary Hamburg, VC1944; Camille Cottrell, VC 1945-4; and June Jackson Christmas, VC 1945-4

First Japanese students: Sutematsu Yamakawa Oyama, VC 1882 and Shigeko Nagai Uriu, Special Student 1878-1881

First Latina student: Amelia Agostini, VC 1922

First Black faculty member: Sterling Brown, visiting professor with the English Department (1945, 1948)

First permanent Black faculty member: Henrietta T. Smith, Professor with the Psychology Department (1954-1990)


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