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Basic Music Research: Methods and Resources

Basic Research method, Evaluating sources, Citation styles and scholarly communication, basic music research sources

5 "SATBs": Tools for evaluating sources

  • S: What is the scope of the source? International? National? Biographies? Subjects? What is covered? What is omitted?
  • A: Who is the author or editorial board? Are they knowledgeable in the field? 
  • T: Timeliness: when was the resource written? Is it up-to-date? Does it include new scholarship
  • B: What is their bias?
  • s: Is the source for a scholarly or popular audience?




Grove Music Online (in Oxford Music Online) article on Philippe de Monte, Johannes Ockgehem or Claudio Monteverdi

What are the parameters of the Source?

Who is the Author?

When was it written (Timeliness)?  

What is the author's Bias?  

Is it Scholarly or popular?