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Archives and Special Collections Library

Virginia B. Smith Memorial Manuscript Collection

Alphabetical List

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2020 Conference Records

20th Century International Poster Collection


Achert, E.

Alternative Press Collection

Anderson, Harriet (VC 1903)

Anthony, Susan B.

Antolini, Julia

Artistic Autographs Collection

Askew, Pamela (VC 1946)

Asprey, Winifred (VC 1938)

Atkinson, Ruth Lamb (VC 1918)

Autograph files

Avery Family Correspondence



Babson, Helen Corliss (VC 1905)

Bacon, Marion (VC 1922)

Balabanoff, Angelica

Baldwin, J.F.

Ballenberg, Doris (VC 1935)

Ballintine, Harriet Isabel

Banning, Margaret Culkin (VC 1912)

Barnum, Charlotte and Clara

Barrus, Clara

Bartlett, Amy

Bechtel, Louise Seaman (VC 1915)

Beisinghoff, Barbara

Bement, Grace Power (VC 1903)

Benedict, Ruth Fulton (VC 1909)

Benét Family Papers

Bergeret, Ida Treat

Berkshire Conference Records

Brigham, Katherine (VC 1936)

Binna, Katherine (VC 1940)

Bird, Caroline (VC ex-1935)

Bishop, Elizabeth (VC 1934)

Bishop, Elizabeth - See also: Elizabeth Bishop Estate and Posthumous Events Collection

Blanchard, Abbie S.

Blatch, Harriot Stanton (VC 1878)

Blodgett Family

Bondfield, Margaret Grace

Bookplate Collection

Booth, Lydia

Borden International Postage Stamp Albums

Bowman, Winifred Comstock (VC 1925)

Brady, Cyrus Townsend Jr.

Brate, Charlotte (VC 1912)

Breed Collection

Brigham, Katherine (VC 1936)

British General Strike Collection

Bronk, William

Brown, John

Brown, Margaret deM.

Bruccoli — Mitchell Kennerley Collection

Bryner, Edna Clare (VC 1907)

Burchard, Anna T. (VC 1897)

Buckley, Barbara (VC 1945)

Burney, Fanny

Burroughs, John

Burroughs research material (Lloyd Peterson Collection)

Bushnell, John



Campbell, Mildred

Carey, Jane C. (VC 1931)

Carman, Bliss

Carmer, Carl

Carpenter, Clinton

Carreño, Teresa

Carroll, Eugene A.

Carroll, Ruth Robinson (VC 1922)

Chandler photography

Churchill, Ruth Hornblower (VC 1908)

Claflin, Agnes Rindge (VC 1897)

Clark, Evalyn

Clark, Francis Underhill (VC 1891)

Clarkson, Rosetta Shear (VC 1914)

Clemens, Samuel - See McKinney Family Papers - Samuel Clemens

Cleveland-Anderson cartoons and wood blocks

Clinton, Margery (Samuel L. Clemens Correspondence)

Coatsworth, Elizabeth (VC 1915)

Cold Spring Institute

Cole, Timothy

College Seals [Seals of other colleges]

Collier, Elizabeth Brownell (VC 1906)

Collier, Katherine (VC 1908)

Collier, Laura Brownell (VC 1874)

Conner, Alison Murphy (VC 1935)

Cooley, Nellie Wooster (VC 1886)

Cornelisen, Ann (VC ex-1947)

Cosmey, Beatrice (VC 1925)

Coyle, Beverly

Crane, Jeanne (VC 1945)

Crawford, Marjorie

Crego, Jean (VC 1932)

Cuinberti, Julia (VC 1944)

Cummings, E. E.

Cuneiform Tablets

Cushing, Florence (VC 1874)

Cutler, Amelia MacDonald (VC 1907)

Cutler, Janet N. (VC 1934)

Cutler, Ruth (VC 1912)



Dale-Lichtenstein Stamp Catalogs

Dannreuther Family

Davis, Marguerite (VC 1911)

Davis, Paulina Wright

Day, James

Dean, Nancy (VC 1952)

Delmas, Gladys Krieble (VC 1935)

De Launay, Nicolas

DeWees, Edith Hilles (VC 1914)

Dickens, Charles - See Whittaker Family Charles Dickens Manuscript Collection

Dickinson, George Sherman

Dodge, Josephine Jewell (VC 1875)

Domestic Service Collection

Dupleix, Joseph-Francois

Dutchess County Loyalists Papers

Dwight, William B.



Edson, Elie Charlier

Ehrman, Anita (VC 1956)

Einstein, Albert

Eisenstein, Elizabeth (VC 1945-4)

Elizabeth Bishop Estate and Posthumous Events Collection

Ellery, Eloise (VC 1897)

English Broadside Ballads

English Documents



Fairservis, Walter A.

Falk, Joy

Faxon, Alicia Craig (VC 1952)

Federal Theatre Project Posters

Federal Writers' Project Records

Fellheimer, Jeannette (VC 1921)

Fiske, Christabel Forsyth

Fite, E.D.

Fitt, Harriet Bradley (VC 1913)

Flanagan, Hallie

Fradkin, Elvira Kush (VC 1913)

Francis Fitz Randolph Collection of Incunabula

Frank, Nancy E. (VC 1982)

Franks, Lucinda (VC 1968)

French autograph collection

French postcard collection

Furness, Caroline Ellen (VC 1891)



Garis, Leslie (VC 1964)

Gay, Mary (VC ex-1881)

Geiger, Moritz

Gelderman, Carol (Mary McCarthy research material)

General Strike

Gifford, William

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins (Mary C. Schlosser Collection)

Giraud Jr., Jacob Post

Glidden, Annie M. (VC 1869)

Goldman, Olive Remington (VC 1919)

Goudy, Frederic

Gow, George C.

Gray, Zoe (VC 1910)

Greeting Cards

Griffin, Charles

Griffin, Mary (VC 1926)

Groten Poster Stamp Collection

Groth, Betty (VC 1932)

Grove, Elsa Butler (VC 1905)

Guardia, Gloria de Alfaro (VC 1963)

Gruener, Katharine Elizabeth (VC 1921)

Guernsey, Jane Howard (VC 1949) - Cornaro research material

Guiney, Louise Imogen



Hadley, Helen Morris

Hadley, Katherine Blodgett (VC 1920)

Haight, Elizabeth Hazelton

Hale, Sarah Josepha

Hall, Joan Joffe (VC 1956)

Hallowell, Anna Davis

Hamlin, Mary Parmele (VC 1896)

Hannah M. Parkhurst's Boarding and Day School Records

Hewlett, Irma Waterhouse (VC 1914)

Hill Family

Hill, William Bancroft

Hodes, Roberta O. (VC 1946)

Hogarth, Grace Weston Allen (VC 1927)

Hooker, Blanche (VC 1931)

Hopkins, Jeannette (VC 1944)

Hori, Florence Taye Shima (VC 1923)

Houghton, Norris

Howe, Rosalind (VC 1928)

Howland, Edith (VC 1886)

Howe, Marshall V.

Hudson Valley Panoramics (Eric Lindbloom)

Hyde, Grace Hempstead



Iannucci Modern American Literature Manuscript Collection

Imbrie, Ann

Incunabula Leaves

International Women's Year Conferences



Jacobs, Catherine Hadyn Jones (VC 1920)

Janish, Jeanne Russell (VC 1924)

Jenkins, James

Johnson, Burges

Johnson, M. Glen

Jordan, Mary (VC 1945)

Jovanovich, William (Mary McCarthy material)

Judson, Margaret (VC 1903)



Kalstone, David

Kavounas, Alice (VC 1966)

Kelley, Elizabeth — Notable Authors Clippings

Kennerley, Mitchell

Kent, Rockwell

Kenyon, Helen (VC 1905)

Kernan, Harriet (VC 1924)

Knights of Malta Research Material

Koempel, Leslie Alice

Koste, Virginia Glasgow (VC 1945)

Koutzen, Boris



Ladd-Franklin, Christine (VC 1869)

Lamson, Genieve

Lasker Collection

Lathrop, Julia (VC 1880)

Lazio, Rick (VC 1980)

Leech, Margaret (VC 1915) - Reveille in Washington

Leith, Priscilla Tremper (VC 1956)

Leitner, Wayne R. (VC 1981)

Leonard, Clair

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Lives Manuscript Collection

Levy, Jessica (material from the film version of Mary McCarthy's The Group)

Lewis, Grace Robbins (VC 1925)

Lindbloom, Eric

Linner, Edward

Lockwood, Helen Druscilla (VC 1912)

Long, Lois (VC 1922)

Lowe, Jeanne R. (VC 1944-5)

Lowell, Amy

Lowie, Luella Cole (VC 1916)

Lowrie, Rebecca Lawrence (VC 1913)

Luckau, Alma

Lutz, Alma (VC 1912)

Lutz Collection of English & American Women Authors



MacCracken, Marjorie

MacDonald - Spanish Refugee Aid Collection

MacKay, Ann (VC 1949) - see Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Lives Manuscript Collection

MacKay, Isabel Dorman (VC 1925)

MacLeish Family

Macmahon, Arthur W. (Arthur Whittier)

Makemson, Maud

Mallon, Thomas

Mamiya, Lawrence H.

Márquez, Antonio

Martin, Elma

Mary McCarthy Literary Trust

Mason, Ruth Fitch (VC 1912)

May, Sybil Huntington (VC 1914)

McCaleb, Ella (VC 1878)

McCarthy, Mary Fitt (VC 1941)

McCarthy, Mary (VC 1933)

McDaniel, David (VC 1979) and Richard Redlon (VC 1980)

McGrew, Julia

McKee, Mildred (VC 1919)

McKenna, Rollie (VC 1940)

McKinney Family Papers - Samuel L. Clemens

McKinney Family Papers - McKinney Family

McKinney Family Papers - Jean Webster (VC 1918)

Medieval and Renaissance Manuscript Leaves Collection

Merrill, James (Bannon McHenry Collection)

Meynell, Alice

Middle Eastern Manuscripts

Middleton, Robert

Milholland, Inez (VC 1909)

Millay, Edna St. Vincent (VC 1917)

Millay, Edna St. Vincent (Anne Gardner Collection)

Millay, Edna St. Vincent (John S. Van E. Kohn Collection)

Miller, Margaret (VC 1934)

Miller, T.P.

Mitchell, Maria

Montessori Materials

Moore, Marianne

Morgan, Daphne (VC 1940)

Morgan, Priscilla (VC 1941)

Murray, Janet H. (VC 1926)



National Woman's Party Pamphlet Collection

National Women's Conference

National Women's Political Caucus

New Left Collection

New York State Education Workshops, Summer 1965

New York State Mental Health & Retardation Planning Committee, Hudson River Regional Mental Health Planning Committee

New York State Women's Meeting Resolutions July 8-10, 1977

Newcomer, Mabel

Newspaper Collection

Nicholas B. Scheetz Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

Nixon, Robert

Nollen, Emeline Bartlett (VC 1894)



Oakley, Violet

Olsen, Sondra Spatt (VC 1957)

Orton, James

Osgood, Judith (VC 1955)

Owens, Dewey

Oyama, Sutematsu Yamakawa (VC 1882)



Padelford, Louise (VC 1924)

Palm Leaf Manuscripts

Papyrus Collection

Parrish, Jasper

Patterson, Mary Marvin Breckinridge (VC 1927)

Paulsen, Allison Clement (VC 1939)

Pease, Roland

Pell, Herbert

Pfeiffer, Werner

Pick, Robert

Pitkin, Emily Knapp

Platt, C. A. (Charles Adams)

Pollitzer, Anita Lily

Portrait Collection

Post, Charles Gordon

Poughkeepsie Data

Power, Sarah Goddard

Pratt, Gertrude Richardson Ladd (ex-VC 1917)

Print Blocks

Printed Illustrations of Oxford and Oxfordshire Collection

Printed Leaves Collection

Pritchett, John Perry



Rackam, Arthur

Ramsey, Alice Huyler (VC ex-1907)

Rathbone Collection

Raymond, Cornelia Morse (VC 1883)

Read, Jennifer (VC 1968)

Redlon, Richard (VC 1980) and David McDaniel (VC 1979), see McDaniel, David (VC 1979) and Richard Redlon (VC 1980)

Remington, Matilda Mortimer

Reynolds, Martha May (VC 1915)

Richards, Ellen Swallow (VC 1870)

Riley, I. Woodbridge

Ritter, Frédéric Louis

Robbins, Anne

Robertson, Priscilla

Rockwell, Emilie Love (VC 1912)

Rollinson Family Papers

Rose, W. K.

Ross, James B.

Rothwell, William F., Jr.

Rubenstein, Lewis

Rukeyser, Muriel (VC ex-1934)

Russell, Paul

Ruzicka, Rudolph R.

Ryerson, Margery (VC 1909)



Salmon, Lucy Maynard

Salmon Historical Collection

Scheiber, Barbara Gair (VC 1942)

Schneider, Jean (VC 1921)

Schoonbeck, John

Schreiber-Noll, Ilse

Schwartz, Julia Augusta (VC 1896)

Scott, Mary Augusta (VC 1876)

Shattuck, George B.

Shaw, George Bernard (Serlin Collection)

Sheridan, Dixie (VC 1965)

Shima, Florence Taye (VC 1923)

Sinnock, Hildegard Germann (VC 1913)

Slaughter, Elsie

Slotkin Collection of Title Page Facsimiles with Attached Original Leaves

Smiley, Daniel

Smith, Frances Scott "Scottie" Fitzgerald Lanahan (VC 1942)

Smith, Virginia B.

Smith, Winifred (VC 1904)

Snider Family

Snyder, Alice D. (VC 1909)

Socialism & Anti-Socialism Pamphlets

Spingarn, Natalie Davis (VC 1943)

Spires, Elizabeth (VC 1974)

Springside Landscape Restoration

Spross, Charles Gilbert

Stanley-Brown, Margaret

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

Stevens, Lydia Hastings (VC 1939)

Stockton, Esther Merrell

Stone, Joseph

Straus Autograph Collection

Stravrides, Ria

Sturm, Ernest

Sullivan, Andrienne F. (VC 1918)

Summers, U.T.

Swain, Barbara (VC 1920)

Szymanowski, Karol



Taft, Frances P. (VC 1942)

Tag, Florence K. (VC 1911)

Tall, Christine Vassar

Tallon, Andrew

Tappan, Eva March (VC 1875)

Taylor, Louise (VC 1913)

Theater Ephemera Collection

Thompson, Mary Thaw (VC 1877)

Thornwillow Press

Tonks, Oliver S

Trabert, Angela L.

Turner, Elizabeth Thornton

Twain Ephemera



Upton, Elizabeth Fenno (VC 1903)

Uriu, Shigeko Nagai (VC 1878-1881)



Vail Brothers

Valentine, Gertrude C. (VC 1912)

van der Maas, Josina (VC 1955)

Vassar Family Papers

Villard, Mary (VC 1934)



Walt Foundation

Warthin, A. Scott Retirement Tribute

Washburn, Margaret Floy (VC 1891)

Watkins, Ruth (VC 1940)

Webster, Jean (VC 1918) - See McKinney Family Papers - Jean Webster

Wells, Barbara

Wesbrook, Elizabeth Barney (VC 1912)

Wesbrook, Mary (VC 1935)

Wheeler, Jessie (VC 1882)

Whipple, Hannah (VC 1916)

Whittaker Family Charles Dickens Manuscript Collection

White, Henry Seely

Whitney, Marian Parker

Willard, Nancy

Wilson, Richard

Wislocki, Florence Clothier (VC 1926)

Wolven, Edmund L.

Woman Suffrage & Women's Rights Collection

Women in War Report

Women, Miscellaneous Materials on

Wood, Frances A.

Wright, Margaret

Wylie, Laura Johnson (VC 1877)



Yamakawa, Sutematso (VC 1882) see Oyama, Sutematsu Yamakawa (VC 1882)

Yorke, Susan (VC 1936)


Zimand, Gertrude Folks (VC 1916) and Savel



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